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CONNEXUS is proud to announce our latest poduct, Verif-ID. Verif-ID is a positive identifiction solution for financial institutions that is designed to reduce the risk of account fraud by helping to verify the identity of financial institution customers.

Key Benefits of Verif-ID

  • Reduce the risk of account fraud by verifying customer identification during daily financial transactions.
  • Save time and money - Verif-ID Client Software can run off of a single server*, so there is no hassling with extra licensing fees or software for your front line.
  • Easy to Use - Verif-ID has a simple scanning interface and a web based client interface that requires little or training to use.
  • Customize to meet your needs - Verif-ID can be customized to contain many different types of documents; and with custom reports available upon request, Verif-ID can be expanded to suit your needs.

* Hard drive storage limitations may apply

For more information about Verif-ID please visit the Verif-ID product website.


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